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Mary Donaldson Powell
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Artist Statement 

As a child, I was always fascinated by art.  The beauty, the process and the way it made me feel.  As Picasso said, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."  I had taken watercolor and acrylic classes in my 20's and 30's, and a hand thrown pottery class with my mother at one of the many military bases we were assigned to.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the time or the courage to pursue those interests due to being very busy raising my children and working.  Once I quit being afraid of failing or not being any good, I slowly began my pursuit of finding my inner artistic child.

In 2001, I once again took a hand thrown pottery class.  I soon found I had more interest in painting or glazing the pottery.  I was offered a job at the contemporary pottery studio where I had taken the class and my interest flourished.

Soon my family and I moved to southwest Virginia and I realized how much I missed painting. Thanks to a very special aunt, I began a watercolor class with Mickey Hayes, an extremely talented watercolor artist in Danville, Virginia in 2003.

I have also taken watercolor workshops with Sterling Edwards and Chuck McLaughlin.

I pushed myself into taking the watercolor class as a way of working through my grief over the death of my 18 year of son, David, by a drunk driver in May 2000. 

I find my watercolors almost have a life of their own. They flow freely on my paper and sometime stop where they want to. I try to lead, but sometimes I just follow. The colors on the paper are so vivid and bright. Watercolor is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I have ever done for myself. I hope you find pleasure and a sense of peace in them as I do.


Biographical Information

Mary was born in New Jersey into an Army family. She lived in many places including Georgia, Germany, Kansas, Indiana, Florida, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, and eventually settled in Southside Virginia. Mary and her husband, children, and various farm animals live on a 27-acre farm in Henry County. Itís not just a great life; itís an adventure!

Busy years of careers, child-rearing and homemaking allowed little time for the pursuit of her art interest. She did find time to occasionally take art related classes and workshops in watercolor, acrylic, and pottery.

In 2000, the sudden death of her 18 year old son led to many challenges and a time of mourning. Mary came to find an outlet for her grief in the pursuit of her art.

In 2002, Mary took a thrown pottery class at a pottery studio in North Carolina. She soon discovered she enjoyed the painting or glazing of the pottery as much as she did throwing pots. Her interest led to a position at the studio, teaching others the power and adventure of glazing and designing art on bisque pottery. She most enjoyed encouraging others to find their inner artist.


Educational Background

Upon arrival in Virginia, Mary enrolled in a pottery class at Patrick Henry Community College. But physical constraints prohibited her from pursuing pottery more vigorously. In 2003, she started watercolor classes with the extremely talented Mickey Hayes of Danville, Virginia. Mary has also taken workshops from Sterling Edwards and Chuck McLaughlin.

Mary is a member of the Lynwood Artists Association in Martinsville, Virginia. She has participated in various local art exhibits including the Art at the Barn in April of 2006. Her participation in the 2006 Expressions Art Show at the Piedmont Art Association won her a Purchase Award. She has art on display at the Southern Virginia Artisan Center

Maryís family has offered continuous support and inspiration for her pursuit of art. In addition, Maryís mother is a talented oil, acrylic, and watercolor artist.

Watercolors is her preferred medium. Mary most enjoys painting botanicals, florals, fruits, still lifes, and local structures. Mary is available to do commission work of homes, barns, florals and still lifes. Please feel free to call her if you have any questions

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